Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guest Posting on Aiming Low

You know the phrase a day late and a dollar short?  Some days, that totally describes me.  I sent in an updated version one of my favorite posts (Dealing with Other People's Stuff) as a guest post over at Aiming Low a couple of months ago.  I never heard from them (I thought) and I'd forgotten about it.  Turns out they had posted it clear back in January and the confirmation they'd sent me ended up lost in my spam folder somewhere.  

I think you ought to pop over and have a look at it.  This is my favorite and most popular post for a reason - we all deal with this problem every day.  We live in a home with other people and their STUFF and chances are, they leave their STUFF in places you don't want them to leave it in.  And you've tried yelling, and you've tried asking, and they still keep leaving their STUFF all over the dang house.  This is a post about what to do when you get to that point.  So, what are you waiting for - oh, I guess you want the LINK now.  Enjoy!


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