Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stampin' Up!'s Decor Elements Around the House

Well, after all the great stuff I saw at Convention, I decided I was going to take the big leap and use our new Decor Elements product in my house. If you're not familiar with this new line, these are our new self-adhesive vinyl decor elements and they are very cool. This particular design comes in both chocolate and white.

This is the first thing you see when you come into my house and I think it just adds a nice touch. Even my husband likes this and he never likes artsy-fartsy stuff like this.

Sorry I couldn't get a better picture. This one is in a narrow hallway so it didn't photograph well. I was kind of nervous about putting these up, because I'm surprisingly lame at any kind of home improvement stuff. I couldn't even put my "McCain - Bush's Third Term" bumper sticker on my car straight! But these went on pretty smoothly. I took it really slow with these first couple of ones, but the ones below, I put them on literally one hour before I was having a dinner party for ten people and I had them up in about 10 minutes!

This was a gift from my friend at church. It's a picture of our church along with a little statement we say every Sunday. I think the little curliques set it off just perfectly!

Last one. Believe it or not, this is a needlepoint. I did this years ago for my Mom and she had it custom-framed. She had a whole Egyptian corner built around it with some statues and other Egyptian looking art. Now it's in my living room along with most of the rest of her nice furniture and artwork. I think the little flowers and curliques make it look really nice.

I guess if I'm going to post something like this, I should probably give a few more details. These are vinyl adhesive appliques and they work sort of like rub-ons. They come on a big sheet and you cut them up and position them however you like and then just rub them onto your wall. They are removable, but can't be reused after you take them off. These are by Stampin' Up! which is the company I represent and this set is called "Flourishes". These are $14.95 per set and I used two sets here. One in the first two pictures and the other one in the 2nd set of pictures. They also have lots of other fun stuff - flowers, letters, numbers, sayings, etc. If you'd like to order anything like this, just drop me a comment or an E-mail and I'll get back to you with specifics.



OOoooh...those are beautiful decor elements. Are they decals or more like a stencil? They really do add a neat touch!


That looks real neat. =)


The decor elements look really great! You did a wonderful job putting them up (and right before a dinner party, I'm impressed)! Where do you find those normally? Michaels?


Hi Adrian!! I love your blog--so many ideas! I just posted a blog award on mine--for you!!


Hi ladies,

Thanks for the nice comments. I've edited the post to add some more info for you.


the dragonfly

Those are really cool!


Wow, that's a needlepoint? Incredible!


I really like this look - very, very pretty!

Have a good weekend, Adrian - see you soon - Kellan


What a cute idea!!

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