Thursday, June 17, 2010

Re-post: One Little Lonesome Shoe....

Still off hanging with the kids - whew! Halfway through the week.  We've been having a great time, but Nana is getting worn out! I've never heard so many instances of "That's not fair" and "Why does he get to...." and "I want a (fill in the blank)." Yikes! Sometimes I'm really glad had my kids 10 years apart!

On Saturday night we went to a party. When we got there, Blake had two shoes. When we left, he only had one. One shoe. And one sock. And it wasn't even an especially wild party. It was actually a church party, the kind that you usually start and end with all of your clothing intact.

(Pretend there is a picture of a solitary shoe here - mainly because it's midnight and I'm too tired to go and get it out of my car, take a picture and then upload the picture.)

Here's what happened. Our former neighbors invited us to a party. Their entire church (which is called a neighborhood Ward) gets together every year at this house with a wonderful, enormous yard that is just gorgeously landscaped. The set up tables all over the yard and they have bouncy things and fun stuff for the kids, plus a wonderful dinner. We've gone the last couple of years, even though we aren't part of their church and we were pleasantly surprised to be invited this year, since we now live clear across town. But we wanted to see all our old friends and neighbors so we decided to go.

The theme this year was a beach/luau theme and they had all these blow up toys tied to the trees (are you seeing where I'm going with this?). They had some beach balls, some blow-up dolphins, and a couple of blow-up sharks. Well, the party hadn't been going for 5 minutes before one of the kids (thankfully not mine!) pulled one of the decorations out of the trees to play with. Well, sure enough, Blake wasn't about to go home without one of those blow-up sharks (he loves sharks!). But it was way too high for him to reach, so he decided to throw his shoe up to knock it down.

Well, that's the last we'll ever see of that shoe, I guess. The bushes were really thick and there were a lot of them and a lot of ivy on the ground. Also, it was just about dusk, so the light wasn't very good. And of course it was a CAMOUFLAGE shoe, so we really didn't have much of a chance of seeing it in that thick foliage. And naturally, it was the only decent pair of tennis shoes he owned. And naturally, it was the pair he needed to wear to school on Monday. Kids!

I suppose we could ask the people who owned the house if we can come back and look for it in the daylight, but since we were kind of party-crashers anyway, I think it would just be TOO embarrassing! Of course one day, they're going to be pruning all those lovely bushes and they're going to find a very wet and smelly shoe with one sock inside it and wonder where the heck it came from.....

Fortunately, Target was on the way home and they didn't notice when a boy with very dirty bare feet walked in with his parents to buy a new pair of shoes for school.



Hi Adrian - Just wanted to let you know that I am posting your Affluenza post On The Flipside tomorrow - sorry for the late notice. Thanks again for guest blogging - I really appreciate it and your post! Take care - Kellan



carol. :)


Missing shoes are the bain of my exsistance! I just checked out your profile and you are a Utahan too!! We are neighbors.

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