Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Best Swaps from the Stampin' Up! Convention

I know you're all getting tired of hearing about Convention, especially you non-stampers, so I'll make this my last post on the subject. But I finally got a minute to look through my swaps that I received at Convention and I wanted to show you a few of the best of them. I had over 100 of them, but I picked a few of the best.

For the uninitiated, the thing stampers like to do best is to swap cards. Basically, everyone makes a couple of hundred card fronts and other items to trade and then they spend the first couple of days of the Convention trading them. They trade them everywhere - in the registration lines, in the lunch line, in the elevators, probably even in the restrooms. One year I didn't make enough so I didn't even make it as far as the registration desk before I ran out.

The ettiquette is that you trade with anyone who offers so you end up with a real mixed bag. Some of them are really well done, some of them, not so much and most of them are kind of in-between. You've seen mine in some of my earlier posts. I always try to do some kind of a technique or something interesting that the other ladies can learn from, but there were some really pretty ones I received that will give me some interesting ideas.

I really like this popsicle card. The lady had a whole bunch of them all done up in various popsicle colors -very pretty. I also like this little baseball card. Very cute!

This one I had to include this one just for the sheer workmanship of it. It's not only a beautiful card, it's extremely well made. All of those little flowers are cut out perfectly and everything is put together really well. I like the verse too. It says something about whenever I feel like I can't find God, I always know that he knows where to find me.

This card uses the same faux silk technique I used on some of my cards. They got smart though and just stamped theirs in color instead of doing all the tedious and time-consuming watercoloring I did on mine.

Here are a few of the 3D items I got. These little bookmarks are darling and the little pin in the center was made by our "Diva Dude" and his wife Kellie. Each one was different and they're already planning the one they're going to do for next year.

I got a couple of these cute little notebooks. It looks like they took some legal pads from Office Max and had them cut into sections. Then they mounted them on cardboard and decorated them. The pen is one of our fancy beaded pens and I took them both to work to use for my to-do lists.

Here's the other notebook. The cover is really pretty, isn't it?
These are just an assortment of the more elaborate and unusual cards I received. I love the filmstrip card - it's very easy but very striking and the blue card has a bookmark in the center pocket. I love the half pearls on this rose card too.

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All so cute!

Nice work - see you soon - Kellan

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