Friday, January 11, 2008

All About Books

Did I ever mention that I like books? That I REALLY like books? I would say that other than food, books are the one thing I couldn't live without. It's almost like an addiction for me - even more than stamps! My whole family is like that - I'm not sure if it's a nature vs. nurture thing, but if you want to get a lively discussion going at our family parties, just ask what everyone is reading.

I have to say, I don't quite understand people who don't like to read. My husband is one of those. He thinks he reads, because he likes to read the daily paper, but he probably doesn't read 2 actual books a year. I probably read that much in a week or less. Heck, I think our son Blake reads more than that in a week and he's only 9! Right now, he's into classic books like Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Sherlock Holmes and Phantom of the Opera.

My sister and I are drooling over the new Kindle, the electronic book offered by Amazon. I read an article about it last week and it sounds fab! Not $400 fab, but pretty darn cool all the same. It's light weight, has a built in booklight, and you can automatically link to the web to look up any words or obscure phrases you don't understand. You can also wirelessly download new books to it in seconds for about $10 bucks - wow! I think it could actually be dangerous for me because I'd never sleep or get any stamping or housework done if I had something cool like that!

I have pretty varied tastes in books and oddly enough, I like to read or listen to several books at a time. For example, Freakonomics is on my nightstand, some book by Alison DuBois (Medium) is floating around the kitchen, the Angels and Demons audio book (by the DaVinci code guy) is playing in my car, I'm listening to Voyager (Diana Gabaldon) on my computer at work, Body Clutter by Flylady is my ahem, bathroom reading, and I always have a People magazine or two floating around. I'm saving New Moon (the new vampire romance) for my upcoming trip to Phoenix. Gosh, it's worse than I thought!

This little obsession started really early. I remember for 3rd grade Open House, we were supposed to make little bookworms with the number of books we'd read that month. All the other kids had like 3 or 4 and I think the most was 6. I had 26!!! 

I think that's why I'm so rotten at math - it wasn't until about 4th or 5th grade that my teachers wised up and started confiscating my library books at the classroom door because I kept hiding them in my math book and reading through my math classes.

So, what are you reading??


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